How Not To Be Skinny? – A Must Read Information

How not to be skinny? Skinny people ask this question because no one likes to be bonny or skinny. There are many skinny people around us that are facing many issues because of their weight. They easily get tired and don’t have much stamina and energy to keep them going throughout the day.  Some people are skinny because of the small appetite, while others can have any other issue that doesn’t let them gain weight despite eating much.

It is not about how much you eat to gain weight, it is more important that what you eat. Food plays an important role in our lives whether we want to gain weight, lose weight, or maintain it. People, who are skinny because of any reason, just want to gain weight as soon as possible so that they can lead a healthy and fit life. They are often seen asking how not to be skinny.

Some skinny people managed to gain weight and they are also worried that what if they could not maintain the healthy weight. Such people also ask out of curiosity that how not to be skinny. If you are skinny because of fast metabolism or a small appetite, then you can gain weight with a proper diet.

There are many people who are skinny because of any health condition, if you are one of them, then you should talk to your doctor and then follow the advice to stay healthy.

Take a look at the simple ways to gain weight for all the people who ask how not to be skinny


Mass Gainer

The best thing you can add to your diet is the suitable mass gainer supplement to gain weight and muscle. People with a question ‘how not to be skinny’ should definitely try mass gainer supplement. It provides enough calories and other essential macronutrients that your body needs to grow.

The mass gainer contains fat, carbs, and other nutrients that are really helpful when you want to gain weight. There are many skinny people who had used mass gainer and almost all of them achieved the desired result.

Legal Steroids

All the skinny guys who want to gain muscle and weight have the option to use legal steroids. It is not that steroid that is illegal or causes side effects. Legal steroids are free from all the side effects. It is good for bulking so skinny people can also have it to build muscle to strengthen their body.

You can easily buy legal steroids according to your desire.


Exercise is another best way to gain weight. You don’t need to have a gym membership for this as you can easily do exercise at home.  Weighted crunches, incline dumbbell press, leg curls, dumbbell lunges, abs roller, triceps push down, seated dumbbell press, side lateral raise, arm curls, leg press, barbell squats, shoulder shrug, twisting crunches, pull-ups, and leg extension are the best exercises you can do to gain muscle.

If you are having a proper diet, then you will get the desired result within a few months. People, who can’t eat much, can add a mass gainer supplement to meet their daily caloric needs along with the exercises.

Shakes To Make You Gain Weight

In this section, you are going to get a few recipes to make shakes to gain weight. These shakes are easy to make and ideal for the people who ask how not to be skinny.

Shake No. 1

Handful of almonds

Whey protein 1 scoop

Organic honey 1 tablespoon

Shake No. 2

Blueberries 1 cup

Whey protein 1 scoop

Oats 1 cup

Shake No. 3

Blueberries 1 cup

Raspberries1/2 cup

Whey protein 1 scoop

Egg whites 1 cup


As I mentioned above, it is easy to make a shake that helps you gain weight. All you need to do is to add the ingredients in the blender and blend.


How not to be skinny’ is the topic of discussion. People who are skinny desperately want to gain weight and some also want to build muscle in a short time. If you follow the above-mentioned ways, then you will surely gain weight within a few months.

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