What Is The Use Of Weight Gainer Supplement? – You Need To Know

What is weight gainer? What is the use of weight gainer? Why do you need to use a weight gainer? Many gym enthusiasts already know about weight gainer and what is the use of weight gainer, but still, many gym goers don’t have much idea about it. Weight gainer is one of the best weight gain supplement that has been used to pack on extra muscle and achieve the goal.

All the skinny people or hard gainers who just can’t achieve the desired weight despite eating all the healthy food should try weight gainers. Most of the time people pass comment on skinny people for not eating, but that is merely a wrong perception. Skinny people do eat and also try several tactics to gain weight, but they couldn’t get any benefit.

The weight gainer supplement is ideal for skinny men and women as it is packed with lots of minerals, vitamins, calories, carbs, essential fats as well as protein and fiber. You can get all the necessary macronutrients that your body needs to gain weight. So, if you ask what is the use of weight gainer supplement, then the answer would be weight gain just as its name suggests.

Apart from skinny people, gym enthusiasts, who want to bulk up and gain muscle, should also use the weight gainer supplement. A good weight gainer supplement contains ingredients that help build muscle within a few months, but you need to perform intense workouts regularly. If you are not willing to do workouts, then you will likely to gain fat.

Some people just can’t get enough calories from their food because of tight working schedule or a small appetite. No matter what is the issue, if you want to gain weight and build muscle, then you can add a suitable weight gainer to your diet to meet the nutritional target.

How To Use Weight Gainer Supplement?

The purpose of using a weight gainer is to successfully reach your weight gain goal and for this, you need to know much supplement should you take to gain weight. The weight gainer is taken according to the body weight and the set target.

If you want to gain 1.5 kg of muscle in a month, then take 2 servings per day. You can have 1 serving at the time of breakfast and the 1 after a workout. It is recommended to wait for 4 hours after taking the first serving.

People who are having a goal to gain 2.25 kg of muscle in one month should take 3 servings in a day.  Take 1 serving of weight gainer during breakfast, 1 after a workout, and 1 before bed.

For 3 kg of muscle each month, you need to take 4 servings in a day. During breakfast, take 2 servings, one serving after a workout, and one before going to bed.

If your aim is to get 4.5 kg of muscle per month, then take 5 servings each day. Take 2 servings during breakfast, 2 before going to bed, and 1 after a workout.


Definition Weight Gainers are one of the best supplements designed for increasing body weight.
Body Type Weight gainers are perfect for the hard gainers. They should take it primarily.
Usage It is mostly used by the people who want to refuel body’s carbohydrates storage for better performance.
Exercise Program If you want to build muscle, then you need to perform exercises.  The weight gainers are ideal for hard gainers and they don’t need to do an intense workout as mild exercises can do the work.
Protein The quantity of carbs is more in weight gainer supplements as compared to the amount of protein.
Fiber Fiber initiates active digestion of the body. Weight gainer is not a rich source of fiber.
Calories Weight gainers are rich in calories


  • Capsule
  • Powder
  • Shake


Whether you are a skinny one or gym goers, you need to know what is weight gainer and what is the use of weight gainer. It is ideal for all the hard gainer who could not gain desired weight. People who want to build muscle can also use weight gainer to reach the goal.

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