Why Do You Gain Weight When You Start Working Out?

Why do you gain weight when you start working out? There many people who have noticed the increasing scale numbers when they start working out, while some people never noticed it. It is not about whether you observe it or not, many people do gain weight as the body of every individual is different, so does it react to workouts.

There are many people who want to gain muscle mass and such people find that weight gain as a positive aspect. Similarly, skinny people also feel glad when they gain weight after working out in the gym. Different people with different needs and desires. Having said that, I would want to say that there are many people who also want to lose weight.

Weight has been the biggest issue for ages and people are still struggling to win this battle. Neither weight gain nor weight loss is simple. And, it has never been. We have a lot of supplements nowadays, but to gain something, you have to do something, especially when it is about weight-related issues.

People, who are curious about their increasing weight, often ask ‘why do you gain weight when you start working out’.  There are a few reasons behind it. But one thing is sure that you may gain weight when you start working out in the gym or at home.

When you are on a weight loss journey, even small weight gain makes you worried. People try different tactics, including workouts or exercises to shed all the extra pounds as soon as possible. That’s why people on a weight loss journey want to know the answer of their question ‘why do you gain weight when you start working out’.

Take a look at the reasons that make you gain weight when working out in the gym

Why Do You Gain Weight?

First, you need to evaluate if what you are gaining is water, muscle, or fat. If you are gaining muscle, then it may increase the scale even if you are slimming down. It is completely normal to lose inches while the weight remains constant or increase a bit.

Everyone is aware of water weight. The body retains weight when you work out as a process of healing. Fat is something every dieter is aware of.

Temporary Inflammation

It is one of the weight gain reasons when start working out in the gym. Do you know why it happens? Working out can be a cause of a little tear in your muscle and this is the reason you feel muscle soreness after a workout. It is known as microtrauma.

If you are a new one who just starts working out may experience temporary inflammation and muscle soreness for a few weeks.


Everyone, who is having a question ‘why do you gain weight when you start working out’, should know that stress is also a reason behind weight gain. Your body becomes tougher when you exercise that is a cause of weight gain.

Muscle Gain

If you are building muscle faster than you are dropping pounds, then it may also cause weight gain. But muscle is not a bad thing I must say. When you start working out in the gym or at home, you are likely to gain weight as you start building muscle.

Most of the time it happens with the beginners as their bodies are not used to the workout. You are likely to gain muscle weight at least 2 pounds in a month. Many people feel frustrated with this.


What you eat and how you eat is definitely important when you are up for losing weight. If you don’t follow a proper diet when working out, then you will be gaining weight and it can be in the form of fat.

Working out can increase your appetite and that can lead to weight gain. You need to take care of your portion size and choose your food wisely eliminating the high-calorie and high-carb food.


This article is for all the people who want to know ‘why do you gain weight when working out’. There are a few reasons behind weight gain when you follow a workout plan.

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